Hi all,

We now have details firmed up, and with a week to go it is a good time to send these out.

Cost: Performers are giving their time and skills, so there is no door charge. The corollary to this is that we ask performers to consider making a donation to the Movember cause. We are grateful for the generous donations made by performers and audience in previous years; we consistently raise about $2500, which is substantially more than ticket sales and raffle suggest.

Times: The event starts with a picnic from 6pm, with the first snags likely to come off the bbq around 6:15pm. There will be snags and salads with hot and cold drinks provided by the Sheddies. There is no charge for these, but a donations bucket will be at hand. Feel free to bring your own food &/or drinks, and there will be a spot on the Sheddie bbq to cook your own meat (if our snags aren’t to your liking!). The concert proper starts at 7:30pm, with the current running sheet copied below.

Audience: The more the merrier – please bring along friends, family and that lie in-between who you think might enjoy this shambolic but well-loved entertainment. I have attached a flier for those who would like to circulate details electronically. The cost for audience is $15, and tickets can be bought in advance from Dale Cleves.

Performance: We have always run later than scheduled, and this has always been the major criticism we receive in feedback. Please help us by sticking to your bracket timing!

Running Sheet:

Time Duration Performer
7:30 PM 5 Roy Carson
7:35 PM 3 Philip introduces Movember
7:38 PM 13 Sheddies
7:51 PM 10 Khinkali
8:01 PM 5 Roy Carson
8:06 PM 13 Likely Celts
8:19 PM 13 Resonators
8:32 PM 20 Interval
8:52 PM 13 WUG
9:05 PM 13 Raffle
9:18 PM 5 Roy Carson
9:23 PM 10 Dom Dwyer & friends
9:33 PM 5 Klezmer band
9:38 PM 5 Roy Carson
9:43 PM 13 Singalong (Gavin et al.) + end
9:56 PM 15 Sheddies – Clean up the hall…
10:11 PM Lock up and go home!

Let me know if you have any questions,

Cheer to all,



WUG Christmas Lunch

When: Sunday December 7, 12pm

Where: Mickey Bourke’s – Koroit

Dress: Wear what you like (nothing that will get you arrested though!) however your ukulele must come dressed up. There will be a prize for the best dressed uke.

Awards: Annual golden uke awards will be presented. Don’t forget to submit your People’s Choice Golden Uke award nominations and your favourite uke song you like to play, as per the nomination slips handed out on Monday night.

The list of those attending will be circulating for the next couple of weeks at uke, if you are planning to attend and bring anyone along with you, please write it on the list/let Megan or Paula know so that we can ensure enough seats are booked.


Movember Song List

Hi Wuggers

The song list for Movember is now on the Blog under LIST.

The Tunes are:

Hey Good Lookin’

Who’s Sorry Now


When You’re Smiling

Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone



Message From Korea

Hi there,

Greetings from Bill, Liz and Amelie Reddick from Ballarat.

We haven’t called in to play these school holidays because we are in Korea. Our daughter Amelie was born here.

We’ve just had a wonderful day 29 Sep, 2014 attending a ukulele Festival on the outskirts of Seoul known as UKEFAFE. I think we were the only westerners there, well definitely  the only Aussies.

There was a great mix of performers both amateur and professional. Some really blew us away. Two lead acts were Bruce Shimabukuro, I believe a brother to Jake and bloody good too. And this chap Kyas Ryo from Japan. this is his encore number a great version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Apologies for quality as it was filmed using my pocket digital camera, but it does catch a great performance. I thought it may make a great item for the website cos we were there to witness and record.

Oh yes…… I did get me a new Uke


Bill, Liz and Amelie Reddick.
Ballarat chapter of WUG