A Christmas Message From Paula

Ukulele Band
Sung to tune of “Winter Wonderland

Hey you lot! Are you listening?
Says Kevin, in the evening,
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Playing in our ukulele band.

Gone away, are the grown-ups,
We’re here to play and to muck up,
We make up the songs,
As we go along,
Playing in our ukulele band.

In the Royal we can make a big noise,
And pretend that we are really grand,
They’ll say Please Shut Up. And we’ll say: No Man!
But you can come along and Join our band.

Later on, we’ll start kazooing,
Then probably, some moo-ing
To face all the crowds,
As we take our bows,
Playing in our ukulele band.

When we play we like to make a big splash,
And dress up and go out on the town.
We have lots of fun making a big splash,
Collecting lots groupies all around.

When we play, ain’t it thrilling,
It’s a laugh, to get top billing,
We frolic and play, in the uke way,
Playing in our ukulele band.