Hi all,

We now have details firmed up, and with a week to go it is a good time to send these out.

Cost: Performers are giving their time and skills, so there is no door charge. The corollary to this is that we ask performers to consider making a donation to the Movember cause. We are grateful for the generous donations made by performers and audience in previous years; we consistently raise about $2500, which is substantially more than ticket sales and raffle suggest.

Times: The event starts with a picnic from 6pm, with the first snags likely to come off the bbq around 6:15pm. There will be snags and salads with hot and cold drinks provided by the Sheddies. There is no charge for these, but a donations bucket will be at hand. Feel free to bring your own food &/or drinks, and there will be a spot on the Sheddie bbq to cook your own meat (if our snags aren’t to your liking!). The concert proper starts at 7:30pm, with the current running sheet copied below.

Audience: The more the merrier – please bring along friends, family and that lie in-between who you think might enjoy this shambolic but well-loved entertainment. I have attached a flier for those who would like to circulate details electronically. The cost for audience is $15, and tickets can be bought in advance from Dale Cleves.

Performance: We have always run later than scheduled, and this has always been the major criticism we receive in feedback. Please help us by sticking to your bracket timing!

Running Sheet:

Time Duration Performer
7:30 PM 5 Roy Carson
7:35 PM 3 Philip introduces Movember
7:38 PM 13 Sheddies
7:51 PM 10 Khinkali
8:01 PM 5 Roy Carson
8:06 PM 13 Likely Celts
8:19 PM 13 Resonators
8:32 PM 20 Interval
8:52 PM 13 WUG
9:05 PM 13 Raffle
9:18 PM 5 Roy Carson
9:23 PM 10 Dom Dwyer & friends
9:33 PM 5 Klezmer band
9:38 PM 5 Roy Carson
9:43 PM 13 Singalong (Gavin et al.) + end
9:56 PM 15 Sheddies – Clean up the hall…
10:11 PM Lock up and go home!

Let me know if you have any questions,

Cheer to all,