Ukulele/Ukelele – Irish Approved

Róisín Ingle is a journalist for the Irish Times and this weekend has written an article…on being Minister for Education. She says:

Apparently ‘politics’ is going to be taught in Irish secondary schools at some point in the future. I’m sure there are lots of people lining up to say why it’s a wonderful idea but the thought of it leaves me a bit cold. The possible addition of ‘politics’ to the curriculum did however get me thinking about other subjects that might justifiably be added but in all likelihood never will unless something odd happens and I am appointed Minister for Education.

If such an event were to occur I would rename myself Minister with responsibility for Bringing Out The Best In Everyone. Or Minister for BOTBIE for short. And these are some of the subjects I’d be adding to the school day.

Ukelele: Have you heard Ukelele Anthem by the ferociously original American singer Amanda Palmer? If the answer to this question is yes then read on. If the answer is no, then I’ll just wait here while you go to YouTube, search for it and play it at full blast. Okay, are you back? Do you see what I mean?

“It takes about an hour to teach someone to play the ukulele, about the same to teach someone to build a standard pipe bomb. YOU DO THE MATH.”

(For full disclosure, I have to confess my children are currently getting ukelele lessons at school and at least one of them has been discovered, aged six, repeatedly bunking off from them. So maybe it won’t suit everyone but as Minister for BOTBIE I can assure you that more ukelele-playing will lead to increased levels of joy in Ireland and the wider world.)

I’d vote for her 🙂

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