Merry Thanks and on we keep a uking

Thanks to everyone who was able to make the WUG Christmas party this year, a good time seems to have been had by all. (Except possibly the neighbours who may have been slightly, well let’s go with the word ‘startled’, at the, let’s go with the word ‘delightful’ renditions of a few songs we belted out!!) It appears we have an array of fabulous chef’s amongst us as the food was plentiful and delicious. From quiches to curries to fish pies to pavs, cakes, slices and hand made icy poles. What a spread!

Let us never again speak of the plunger and the toilet roll race. It’s probably best we leave That Candle well alone too. Meanwhile, here’s to next years Crappy Kringle and some more uke playing!

WUG will continue to play every Monday night at the Royal across the holiday season, 7pm as usual. See ya there.