Port Fairy Folk Festival – vote by Monday!

What a lot of fun we’ve had over the past week reading your ideas for a mass ukulele ensemble – thanks so much to everyone who emailed us their suggestions! From the downright kooky (or should that be k-uke-y?) to the highly insightful we’ve had loads of laughs and really learned a lot as well…

Trouble is, we’ve had so many clever submissions that we just can’t decide on a winner – so it’s over to you to vote for your ultimate uke collective!

Here are our contenders, please vote for just one of them:

Uke-in (pronounced you kin – i.e. ukulele family)
Ukuddle (perhaps you cuddle (joke) or better yet a uke huddle – a very large ukulele collective)
Exsaltation (to sound like exaltation but containing the word saltation which means leaping, jumping or prancing like a flea after which the Ukulele is affectionately named).
Party of ukuleles
League of ukuleles
Mélange of ukuleles
Cluster of ukuleles
Moiety of ukuleles
A harmony of ukes
A string of ukes
Ukulele Ceilidh
The secret ukellaborators
A tiny of ukuleles (after Tiny Tim)
Fret of ukuleles
Euphony of ukulutists
Union of ukes
A strum of Ukes
A headache of ukuleles (pass the panadol!)
A Tiny Tim of ukuleles (the most famous player in the history of the world!)
A plectrum of ukuleles (don’t we all love a plunk?)
A broken string of ukuleles (we hope……)
A tsunami of ukuleles (please let me drown….)
An epidemic of ukuleles (occurring at the PFFF in its 41st year 2017)
A charm of ukuleles
A groove of ukuleles
A crusade of ukuleles
A catastrophe of ukuleles
A gift of ukes
A Madeira of ukuleles (early Portuguese migrants – many of them from Madeira – introduced the uke to Hawaii)
A wave of ukuleles – could be appropriate given the location.
A moana of ukes (Hawaiian word of ocean)
A smeck of ukuleles
Congeniality of ukuleles
A ukelear Explosion
An Izzy of Uke players. (in memory of Israel “Iz” Kamakawito’ole, who was not only a very talented uke player, but a very large man. A collective in his own right you could say!)
A hula of ukuleles
A strumpet
A chord of ukes
A ukeload of Ukes
A cadenza of ukes
Kenanymity cf.unanimity
Ukenanimous cf.unanimous
A Ukealia of ukes
Australian Ukealia
Uketopia @ PFFF
Union of ukes
Ukelele Elgrande
A fluke of ukes
A plunk of ukuleles
A twinkle of ukuleles
A tiptoe of ukuleles
A tremble of ukes
Fun-Da-Mentally Ukulele
A sounder of ukuleles
A wisdom of ukuleles
A Twang of Ukulele players
A meadow of ukuleles
An island of ukuleles
A galaxy of ukuleles
Go to it people! You have until midday Monday 22 August to vote for your favourite at uke to put a bespoke Hawaiian shirt on the winning author’s back! We’ll let you know who the lucky winner is next week.