A Town Like Warrnambool

A town Like Warrnambool Video

From the ABC South West Vic facebook page:
If you’ve ever lived in or visited Warrnambool, this will make you smile.

Presenting… ‘A Town Like Warrnambool’.

“This is a crowd-sourced film videoed by twelve locals. Even the soundtrack was made by a local musician: Don Stewart, complete with live recordings of the local pipe band and ukulele group!
We hope you enjoy it!”

A Town Like Warrnambool Video

Sure gets interesting around the 3 min 40 sec mark.


Photo Galleries Temporarily Closed

Hello all,
I have had to take the Photo galleries offline for a bit. There is an issue with the photo hosting site we were using that no longer allows posting to third party sites or some such. I will try to sort it all out over the weekend, none of the photos are lost I think just annoyingly needing to be uploaded again. Stupid computers.

In the mean time here is a picture of a pug.


Ahoy There Me Hearties


Since we are going to be all out to sea without Annie and Kevin and that fact that Ray will be literally out to sea on a cruise ship, I thought this Tuesday May 10th would be a perfect chance to get nautical and have a “Boats and Ships” theme night / open mic / horn pipe dance off (well maybe not so much the hornpipe dancing but I wont be discouraging it). So bring your songs about boats, ships and all manner of sea craft to share, I’ve even put a few up on the list page to get you thinking. And in thinking do you consider Art Garfunkels “Bright Eyes” to be a boat song? it is the theme tune from WaterSHIPdown?

Plus there may be heaps of great prizes, there probably wont be but we can dream, mmmm golden hypothetical trophies with sails!!

Top Of The POPS!


Since its Easter and an Election year and a Census year and there is no WUG this week AND for no particularly good reason, I thought hey survey time.

At the bottom of our LIST page there is a brand new shiny poll Listing all of the songs on our List page whilst listing slightly to the left and in a totally random order!

All you need do is select songs that you like to play.  You get to pick 10. Then click vote down the bottom to see the results

The poll uses cookies so you only get to vote once per computer.

The poll closes Monday the 4th so vote early vote often! Only skewed results will be considered valid.

New Photos

What really?
Yep you betcha, even a gallery for videos!
Well I for one do not believe you,
I’m sorry but I would have to see it to believe it
Do your really think I would go to all this trouble just to trick you?
I wouldn’t put it past you,
Look all you need to do is click on the links,
Not at my time of life no I think I’ll leave that to young people and dentists,
I’m not sure I understand about the dentist part but I guess that is your prerogative
I didn’t say anything about dentist
No buts, my mind in made up about this
Ok then
Your sure?
I’m sure
inner wheel
Arrrrrg my eyes
Ha got you!
Sometimes I wonder why I bother even talking to you…