Photo Galleries Temporarily Closed

Hello all,
I have had to take the Photo galleries offline for a bit. There is an issue with the photo hosting site we were using that no longer allows posting to third party sites or some such. I will try to sort it all out over the weekend, none of the photos are lost I think just annoyingly needing to be uploaded again. Stupid computers.

In the mean time here is a picture of a pug.



A Christmas Message From Paula

Ukulele Band
Sung to tune of “Winter Wonderland

Hey you lot! Are you listening?
Says Kevin, in the evening,
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Playing in our ukulele band.

Gone away, are the grown-ups,
We’re here to play and to muck up,
We make up the songs,
As we go along,
Playing in our ukulele band.

In the Royal we can make a big noise,
And pretend that we are really grand,
They’ll say Please Shut Up. And we’ll say: No Man!
But you can come along and Join our band.

Later on, we’ll start kazooing,
Then probably, some moo-ing
To face all the crowds,
As we take our bows,
Playing in our ukulele band.

When we play we like to make a big splash,
And dress up and go out on the town.
We have lots of fun making a big splash,
Collecting lots groupies all around.

When we play, ain’t it thrilling,
It’s a laugh, to get top billing,
We frolic and play, in the uke way,
Playing in our ukulele band.

NEW SONG NIGHT – Monday 4th November


“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
“Winter is dead.”
― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young

Ah spring a time of renewal and rebirth, a time to shake the dour dusted blankets of winter as if flags waving to celebrate the sun! (well if we ever get any sun that is.)

So we are renewing our Loose Leaf song book. If anyone has NEW songs that they wish to bring to the group, or even old songs that we don’t do anymore and you think should be included, please print out at least 25 (preferably 50) copies and we will give them a bash.

Also if anyone can pick out any typos or semi deliberate mistakes in the existing song book please bring them to Victor’s or Kevin’s attention.