Message From Korea

Hi there,

Greetings from Bill, Liz and Amelie Reddick from Ballarat.

We haven’t called in to play these school holidays because we are in Korea. Our daughter Amelie was born here.

We’ve just had a wonderful day 29 Sep, 2014 attending a ukulele Festival on the outskirts of Seoul known as UKEFAFE. I think we were the only westerners there, well definitely¬† the only Aussies.

There was a great mix of performers both amateur and professional. Some really blew us away. Two lead acts were Bruce Shimabukuro, I believe a brother to Jake and bloody good too. And this chap Kyas Ryo from Japan. this is his encore number a great version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Apologies for quality as it was filmed using my pocket digital camera, but it does catch a great performance. I thought it may make a great item for the website cos we were there to witness and record.

Oh yes…… I did get me a new Uke


Bill, Liz and Amelie Reddick.
Ballarat chapter of WUG