WUG new songs..

Hi all WUG members just a reminder for tomorrow nights Group meeting..

Please bring a copy (1) of any song you wish the group to review for possible inclusion in our 2018 Loose leaf Song Book.

As with the WUG site these songs are being compiled for inclusion in a NEW folder not in our current loose leaf song book.

Look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow night.

Regards Admin.

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The Ukulele Club Song Book No 2.

Following up from yesterday re the new Hard Cover song book published this time by Hal Leonard Publications. Dale Cleves can take orders for same. Cost to WUG members is approx. $32.00 (With discount).
I feel that it is a worthwhile investment to add to our indvidual song libraries.
Regards Admin.

Hi all WUG members.  After what was generally commented on as a successful Group nite, there have been a couple of alterations made to the new ( proposed ) 2018 Song Book.  These were made after group agreement. See Song List.  These updates to the list will be on going, to a projected total of about 100 songs.

Don’t forget next Monday nite is open mic.  We look forward to some of the newer members contributing.

Til then, Regards Admin.

Hi all Wugger’s, my sincere apologies for any annoying posts you may have received in the last few days. It’s been a new learning curve for me and with so much  generous help from Victor, I am; fingers crossed, getting on top of the workings of the WUG web site.

Looking forward to the next phase of our great group. I hope we can collectively carry on the traditions that Annie, Kevin and Judith established since the founding of WUG.

Until next Monday evening..

Cheers for now Graeme M.


Updating WUG web site

Hi Wuggers, just to inform you that the WUG website has had some minor changes made in light of Kevin & Annie leaving the group. The password to access the site remains the same.

Julie has offered herself, (brave lady) to stand in as organizer for the meantime, until we reorganize ourselves and plan our future strategy for the group. Everything else re venue, time & place will remain the same.

It was suggested last Monday nite, that we each bring a new song for the group to consider for our new song book. So please songs with not too hard chords and one’s that would be appropriate for our group.

Look forward to seeing you all next Monday night… and help us to keep the group progressing.

Cheers for now’

Graeme M.

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A Town Like Warrnambool

A town Like Warrnambool Video

From the ABC South West Vic facebook page:
If you’ve ever lived in or visited Warrnambool, this will make you smile.

Presenting… ‘A Town Like Warrnambool’.

“This is a crowd-sourced film videoed by twelve locals. Even the soundtrack was made by a local musician: Don Stewart, complete with live recordings of the local pipe band and ukulele group!
We hope you enjoy it!”

A Town Like Warrnambool Video

Sure gets interesting around the 3 min 40 sec mark.