Insurance Members Renewal Form

Hi all WUG members renewing or new members paying their Membership Insurance; for ease of facilitation you may wish to fill in the following form and submit to Julie; with you payment ($10.00). STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL

Re-newing/New Members Insurance payment:

Given Name:………………………..

Family Name:…………………………… D.O.B ../../…. — For Admin use only Paid(……. )tick

Regards Admin.


New Songs from Last Night – Membership Insurance Due

Hi all WUG members. From last night the songs for our new 2018 loose leaf Song Book have been added to the WUG Members website and are ready for download.

Once again our WUG Members Insurance is due to be paid in June. I understand the cost is still the same; $10.00, but the Insurers have requested RENEWING members provide their Full Name & D.O.B. This is purely for insurance matters only and will be strictly confidential. These particulars; with payment, to Julie please, in the coming weeks.

Following on from this Insurance it was discussed, and it was revealed that any ukulele player attending our Group nights, group play-outs (eg: Koroit Irish Festival etc) or members organized charity play-outs (eg. Nursing Homes, street busking, etc) that is NOT registered with the WUG insurance will NOT repeat NOT be covered under that insurance policy, and thereby will be playing in any of the above mentioned activities of the group members; AT THEIR OWN RISK. It was felt that any ukulele player to whom this applies, should be advised of this; and for the peace of mind of registered members; not be encouraged to be involved in the above activities (for reasons that are obvious, namely: should an unfortunate event occur to them whilst so involved).

Players visiting WUG group nights will still be most welcome.

Sorry about this stipulation but recently; and in the past, ukulele non-registered members have joined in our GROUP activities.

Apologies for the long winded post but it is important that we stress this point of Insurance.

Thanking you. Happy Ukuleleing (new word ???)

Regards Admin.

Song List for the Biggest Morning Tea at Uniting Church

Hi all WUG members, this is a requested message from Anne Rea.
Any members that wish to attend this event “The Biggest Morning Tea” on Thursday 31st May ’18 at 10.40am for 11am start at the Warrnambool Uniting Church (Raising funds for Cancer Council); please give you name/s to Anne A.S.A.P.

The song list from our loose leaf binder is as follows:
Five Foot Two, Hey Good Lookin, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Lovely Bunch of Coconuts, Memphis, Midnight Special, Nobody’s Lonesome for Me, Singing the Blues, When You’re Smiling, You Are My Sunshine.
Extras if requested: Sadie the Cleaning Lady, Your Cheating Heart.

Those members who wish to attend, and that do not have a copy/copies of the songs; Anne will have some to hand out.
Once again those members who wish to attend please notify Anne Rea A.S.A.P. Any further particulars are available from Anne Rea.

Regards Admin.

Updated 2018 WUG Song List

Hi all Wuggers, the new loose leaf song list has been updated and is ongoing. The final list will be decided by you, the WUG members.
It has been suggested, and confirmed by a show of hands last WUG nite; that some members do not have access to the WUG blog. Following on from this a show of hands confirmed that there was an interest in the provision of a completed final printout list of songs; either with or without a folder; at a cost to be decided. Further next week.
Regards Admin.
P.S. A music stand was left behind last meeting nite and will be at next WUG nite for claiming.