Towel Day 2015

This MONDAY night it is time again to poke a babel fish in your ear, down a pan galactic gargle blaster, stick out your electronic thumbs and above all DON’T PANIC, as we once again celebrate the works of Author Douglas Adams. Together we will find the answer to the great question of life the universe and everything by totally ruining perfectly innocent songs by incongruously replacing the lyrics with the word “TOWEL” even if it doesn’t fit.

So be a hoopy frood and make sure you know where your towel is! Bring it along, who knows there may even be a amazing prize for best dressed towel……


note: It is a legitimate use for a towel if you wrap it around your head to muffle the sound of all the terrible towel orientated puns!


The most rock and roll uke band ever?

1. If you watch the above, cling on until at least the two mintue mark, that’s when the bass player busts out his best star jump moves, it’s fabulous

2. Yes that is a ukulele made out of a skateboard

3. Judith has already confirmed that she will not be doing star jumps

4. It’s okay, we still think she’s a badass bass player


there are some new smiley faces added to the members profile section, go and smile back at them if you like

Aren’t we beeyootiful

A swag of photos from the last 5 play outs have been added under the gallery section of the blog in 2014 and 2015.

Movember, the Xmas do, Moyneyana, Relay for Life and Koroit.

My what a lovely bunch of coconuts we all are!!

A thank you from Koroit

Go raibh maith agat

To all the Wonderful Buskers,

It is with sincere gratitude that the Koroit Irish Festival Committee thank each and every performer that contributed to the Street Entertainment on Saturday. It is always difficult to perform without amplification in such a noisy environment and within close proximity of each other, the street scape to work within is extremely tight. Apologies to the Warrnambool Uke Group with the tent mishap early on(promptly addressed, thanks boys). The talent, colour and vibrancy of WUG is very much welcomed. WUG is by far the best float!

The Sheddies without instruments but with huge talent do an amazing job and I know I personally was delighted that they contributed their earnings on the day to a very worthy cause. The Wednesday Whistlers & Co are splendid in keeping with traditional Irish tunes and instruments. Many of the Wednesday Whistlers travelled fair distances to play for, as Suzi put it, 5 hours long! They then all continued far into the night at The House Party.

To Jordan and family and Andrew Beale and family great to see, supported by their parents, young musicians having a go for it is where the future lies. Also congratulations to Emily Beale a finalist in The Australian Danny Boy Competition delivering a flawless rendition. Another of my buskers, Patricia Thompson and her band were the winners of The Beks Bowman Emerging Talent Award, Congratulations. Patricia was also a solo performer in The Danny Boy Competition. The Kirky Krew took to the stage Friday night and delighted theatre goers with upbeat versions of Galway Girl and Star of The County Down and continued all day Saturday.

Finally I would like to give special thanks and tribute to Mr. Albert Hazlewood & Co for lighting up the corner. They have been playing at the Festival since day 1 and it is apparent that they simply love playing music for fun and enjoyment and the entertainment of others.

We hope that you all had a great day and will return for our 20th Anniversary next year.

Many Thanks,

Natarsha and The Koroit Irish Festival Committee

Open Mike

Hi Wuggers

Next Monday is Open Mike. Remember the theme for this Monday is Australian songs.

Bring along multiple copies if you want everyone to join in.