Don’t tell anyone but I may have sneaked in and added “That song” from Monday night to the list page, you know the one, the one with the words and chords and things, no not that one the other one Ray wants us to try out for Hank night, my stars it was only 4 days ago but I was sure you would remember? I know its been cold but that shouldn’t affect your memory, have you considered wearing more hats? Look its on the LIST page under Hank night 2015 print it out and bring it next Monday night I’ll explain then. Wait someone is coming quick look at these plans for building a ukulele, they are in French!


For all those bakers out there

what’s a weekend without a bit of cake…nom, nom, nom, nom.  Except maybe be careful nibbling on the last one, you might break your teeth.  (if you click on any of the images in theory they’ll pop up bigger)

Get cooking!

ukulele cake 5 web

ukulele cake 5 web

ukulele cake

ukulele cake

ukulele cake 2

ukulele cake 2

ukulele cake1

ukulele cake1

cake uke

Before we forget, whatever did happen to those drunken sailors?

All the sailors got drunk. Or was it all the flashes got sailored? All the drunk got mobbed?  No, wait, all the scuppers got long boated.  No, hang on, all the plug holes got blocked with tin ukuleles.  And got flashed.  And mobbed.  And rusty razors were involved.

Surprised anyone made it out alive quite frankly.

Well done to those flash mobbers the other weekend, as whoever it was from the audience said ‘there’s another one!’

FLASH MOB – Sunday 28th June 10.15am

Hi Wuggers

Flash Mob /social gathering/Morning coffee

Meet at 10.15am Sunday 28th Pavilion – at break water Warrnambool in car park left hand side of pavilion facing sea.

Playing will commence at 10.30am.

We will be playing Drunken Sailor. There will be no music stands so remember the words and the two chords: Dm and C

Following this short performance we will have coffee and cake at the pavilion- we have a table booked at 10.45 .

To make this event a success we need as many players as possible to be part of the mob.

So come and have some fun playing your Ukes by the sea.