Warrnambool Ukulele Group Catch-Up.

Hi all Wuggers, isolation has been with us for quite some time now as we all realise. It appears from all reports that we are closer to“normal”. I hope many of you have kept up your uke practice during this time. I know that I have got a bit rusty on the chord fingering but will get down to it in the following weeks. It looks as though it may be sometime before we can all meet again as a Group at the Flying Horse, but we should be able to have a Group jam in the Botanical Gardens before Christmas (fingers crossed). If this is possible, a post will be sent out with all particulars. I hope that when we do get back as a Group at the Flying Horse that we still have a greater majority of our financial members attend. Visitors will be most welcome.

Well I think that is enough for now, stay safe stay well.

Cheers from me and the Leadership Team. Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.

Catch Up and Notice From Our Insurer.

Hi all WUG members, hope you are all well and looking forward to the end of restrictions, I know I am. I have had an email from Rob; our secretary, who received information from our insurers; “Duck for Cover” and here are the contents of the email Rob sent to me:-

” Hope you have survived the lockdown so far. Nice to have a bit of relief now but a bit more will be a treat when it arrives.

Got this renewal for the WUG insurance this week. We are covered until the 12th of October. I feel that when we start up again meeting for Ukulele night, we will need to look at renewing, but not until then.

The only thing that we need to be aware of when we eventually meet in a venue, parkland etc as an official WUG event, no-one will have insurance cover. People will  need to be aware of that, but that still might be a while away. Keep well and safe “

I thank Rob for his work as secretary and wish all WUG members to stay well and safe.

Cheers for now, Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.

Catch Up to Group.

Hi all Wuggers, hope you are all well and keeping up ukulele playing. At this stage some Group members have been having small “jam” sessions; for the want of a better word, but under the new Covid19 #3 restrictions they have been curtailed. Hopefully in the future(whenever that is) we will be able to get back to normal (???). There may be a possibility around Christmas time; depending on restrictions in force at the time, that we can have a Group play out in the Botanical Gardens & incorporate a picnic, as we did last year. Notices, if and when; will be sent out if this is likely to eventuate.

Until then from the WUG Leadership Group Team we wish you to be safe, happy and healthy.

Cheers for now. Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.

2018 Song Update & Catch-up.

Hi all Wuggers, I hope you are all well,staying safe and avoiding the Corona Virus.  It seems so long ago that we last met as a Group, and I know I miss Monday nights so much.  Some of our group have been playing in small groups which is great.  Keep it up.

Carol has been busy and has updated that great song “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” to a better chord list.  This update is available for download on the blog.  Please update your 2018 Song Book Index with this song update to Ver: 2.2.

From all the Leadership Group we wish you to stay safe and well until we finally meet as Group again.

Cheers for now. Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.

Message from WUG member Jan J – her release from lockdown.

Hi all Wuggers received this email from Carol and as requested by Jan sending her wishes to all members.

Hi Carol

We all managed to get on the only repatriation flight out of Oman. Now in Swansea Wales with the family until June 8th for our flight home to Australia.  Its London to Doha for a short stop in transit then direct to Melbourne. I’m travelling with my daughter and grandkids toddler age 2 years and  the baby 11 months. It won’t be a fun flight! We then have 2 weeks quarantine in Melbourne. What an adventure! We’re all well and safe thank goodness. I do wish I had my Uke with me. Others might be relieved though. Please say Hi to all the Wuggers.  I hope you’re well and  coping ok. Cheers Jan 💖🤗

Sent from my iPhone     Jan J pic: https://photos.app.goo.gl/9oXbKvyjtLL7EGas8

WE all hope Jan is safely home soon. Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.

Catch Up to Group.. New song from Andy Piper for download.

Hi all Wuggers,  hope you are all well and safe from the Virus.  I have just received a song from Andy Piper in Cumbria UK.  Their group is doing well under the circumstances; as are we too.  I have placed the song on the blog and it is downloadable for our enjoyment.  Another great song from Andy.

  FROM me to our Group Members**** It  will no doubt be a long time before we will be able to safely meet again as a Group; possibly only after a vaccine is developed.  We will hopefully remain committed as a Group til that day, whenever it may be.  We as a Group, and it was as a Group; were determined to continue Goup to the point that we arrived at on shutdown day caused by the virus.  Please stay committed to re-establishing Group in the not too distant future.

I have been joyed by hearing that  many of you have been having small “jam” sessions, which is great.  Keep the WUG flag flying.

Til next time.  Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.

Catch Up to Group – Ray’s Videos.

Hi all Wuggers.  I hope you all are coping well with the Corona Virus restrictions and no members, family or friends have caught the dreaded Virus.  It is amazing that with this isolation that many of us have found those “to do” things are finally getting done or a new hobby may have been started.  I think most of us have adjusted well.

Our member Ray; as always, has come up with another video for us to enjoy during this time and it is now on the blog under “Ray’s Videos”.  Many thanks must go to Ray for his submission of these entertaining clips.

Well I hope everyone is still strumming the strings and looking forward to our re-commencement of Group. When that is, is in the hands of our Premier.  One point that has come to light is that it is now requested by the Nursing Homes that any entertainers attending in the future MUST have had and proof thereof of having had the FLU vaccination. This is quite understandable considering current events during this Corona Virus pandemic.

Sorry about the length of this post but I needed to catch up.  May you all stay well and safe.  Cheers for now.  Happy Ukuleleing. Graeme.

PS:  Can highly recommend the F H takeaways.  Please give them our support.

Catch Up – Cheer Up Videos for viewing.

Hi all Wuggers, I am hoping that everyone is healthy and avoiding the dreaded Corona Virus.  It is one of the most difficult times for all of us since before and during the world wars.  In order to lighten things for a moment Carol and Ray have forwarded a video each which are intended to do just that.  Please enjoy them and I am sure that all of the Leadership Group and WUG Members wish everyone good health, stay safe and Happy Ukuleleing.

Many thanks to Carol and Ray for their videos.  Further suitable submissions from Members are invited via the Contact page.

The videos are now on the blog for all of our members to enjoy.

Cheers for now, Graeme.  Click on this Link to view Videos:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/2xqX3ojTDeJ8DYjr9


Hi all Wuggers.  After consultation with some members of the Leadership Group and the Flying Horse management it has been with reluctance, decided; that due to the escalation of the Corona Virus, the Warrnambool Ukulele Group will go into recess until it is safe to meet again – in other words “UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE”. There may be members who may wish to still have groups of sessions at their venues eg. home etc; that is up to those members to do so.  The Flying Horse management agree with this action by us and assured me that they will keep our meeting room for us when we do resume.  Resumption of Group at this stage is to be guided by the appropriate Health authorities.

I have done a ring-around to notify some members; but could those members who may know of Group members who haven’t got the internet, to please inform them.  I would make the presumption that the nursing homes may close their doors shortly; if they haven’t already.  The Flying Horse will put a sign re our recess inside their front door and also notify any members of our Group who may arrive this eveving.

Stay well is my wish to you all and keep practicing.  Keep an eye out for any updates to this situation.

Til then, Happy Ukuleleing. Graeme.