Songs for Warrnambool Gardens 13 November

Hi All

The Gardens Concert will be held on 13th November in the Rotunda. We will give you the time closer to the event. The Song List is follows:

Blame it on the Bossa Nova

Eight Days a Week

Five Foot Two

Six Days on the Road


King of the Road

Sunny Afternoon

Memphis Tennessee

The Letter/Mr Postman

When You Are Smiling

Hey Good Lookin’

You are my Sunshine

Port Fairy Folk Festival – vote by Monday!

What a lot of fun we’ve had over the past week reading your ideas for a mass ukulele ensemble – thanks so much to everyone who emailed us their suggestions! From the downright kooky (or should that be k-uke-y?) to the highly insightful we’ve had loads of laughs and really learned a lot as well…

Trouble is, we’ve had so many clever submissions that we just can’t decide on a winner – so it’s over to you to vote for your ultimate uke collective!

Here are our contenders, please vote for just one of them:

Uke-in (pronounced you kin – i.e. ukulele family)
Ukuddle (perhaps you cuddle (joke) or better yet a uke huddle – a very large ukulele collective)
Exsaltation (to sound like exaltation but containing the word saltation which means leaping, jumping or prancing like a flea after which the Ukulele is affectionately named).
Party of ukuleles
League of ukuleles
Mélange of ukuleles
Cluster of ukuleles
Moiety of ukuleles
A harmony of ukes
A string of ukes
Ukulele Ceilidh
The secret ukellaborators
A tiny of ukuleles (after Tiny Tim)
Fret of ukuleles
Euphony of ukulutists
Union of ukes
A strum of Ukes
A headache of ukuleles (pass the panadol!)
A Tiny Tim of ukuleles (the most famous player in the history of the world!)
A plectrum of ukuleles (don’t we all love a plunk?)
A broken string of ukuleles (we hope……)
A tsunami of ukuleles (please let me drown….)
An epidemic of ukuleles (occurring at the PFFF in its 41st year 2017)
A charm of ukuleles
A groove of ukuleles
A crusade of ukuleles
A catastrophe of ukuleles
A gift of ukes
A Madeira of ukuleles (early Portuguese migrants – many of them from Madeira – introduced the uke to Hawaii)
A wave of ukuleles – could be appropriate given the location.
A moana of ukes (Hawaiian word of ocean)
A smeck of ukuleles
Congeniality of ukuleles
A ukelear Explosion
An Izzy of Uke players. (in memory of Israel “Iz” Kamakawito’ole, who was not only a very talented uke player, but a very large man. A collective in his own right you could say!)
A hula of ukuleles
A strumpet
A chord of ukes
A ukeload of Ukes
A cadenza of ukes
Kenanymity cf.unanimity
Ukenanimous cf.unanimous
A Ukealia of ukes
Australian Ukealia
Uketopia @ PFFF
Union of ukes
Ukelele Elgrande
A fluke of ukes
A plunk of ukuleles
A twinkle of ukuleles
A tiptoe of ukuleles
A tremble of ukes
Fun-Da-Mentally Ukulele
A sounder of ukuleles
A wisdom of ukuleles
A Twang of Ukulele players
A meadow of ukuleles
An island of ukuleles
A galaxy of ukuleles
Go to it people! You have until midday Monday 22 August to vote for your favourite at uke to put a bespoke Hawaiian shirt on the winning author’s back! We’ll let you know who the lucky winner is next week.

Ukes are coming to the Folkie

Hot off the press today from the Port Fairy Folk Festival E-News:

As we prepare for the 41st incarnation of this magnificent event we would love to have your input.

A little clue to one feature of next year’s festival is the appearance of virtuosos of the ukulele. From the USA to Ireland, Mullumbimby to Melbourne, uke players will be on fire in 2017… If you own a uke please bring it to the 2017 festival.

If you’re an ideas person we need a collective noun for a mass ukulele ensemble… If your idea gets over the line you will receive a custom made Hawaiian Shirt.

Please email your ideas to

uke player