Anchor Point playout- change of date

Hi all Wuggers, there has been a change of date for the Anchor Point playout. The correct date is Thursday, August the 9th; same time and place.

I will check next Monday night as to the numbers that are able to attend.

Cheers for now
Graeme for Admin.


Anchor Point play-out song list

Hi all those volunteers who are attending the Anchor Point play-out onthe 8th August’18.
The time is 1.15pm for 1.30pm start (see attached file for directions and song list)
Attached Anchor Point pdf file: ( Click on the following address to download and read in your pdf reader – if you cannot achieve this I will have copies available at our next Group night))

Happy Ukuleleing
Graeme for Admin.

Updates to Loose Leaf Folder # 2 , Insurance Fees due & Gig request.

Hi all Wuggers, thank you to those brave members who are braving these bitterly cold Monday Group nights, the attendance has been great.
Following on from last Group meeting the songs selected that night have now been added to the blog Song List Loose Leaf folder # 2, for downloading.

Now once again a reminder that Member’s Insurence Fees ($10.00) are overdue and must be paid ASAP for you to be covered. Those who have not done so, please give it your attention; so you are covered. Payment to Julie or Me (Graeme). Also Anchor Point have requested a gig from us; suggested 8th August, but the date and numbers able to attend are yet to be agreed to; possibly next meeting.

I think we have all appreciated Allan’s contribution to our songs on his UBass, I think it is helping the group tremendously, thank you Allan.

That’s all for now, Happy Ukuleleing

Regards Graeme for Admin.

Change to 1st Monday of the Month group meeting

Hi all Wuggers, I have made a Vice-Captain’s Call and I hope you are all ok with it … I have decided, subject to the group’s approval, that is; that instead of having new songs screening on the 1st Monday night, that I would change it to the 2nd Monday night. This will facilitate the presentation of Open Mic and any songs arising therefrom that are suitable for our 2018 Song Book. If agreed upon they could be put on the blog for the following Monday night. Let’s see how it goes.
On the 1st Monday of the month please bring any new songs along for the group to consider for putting into our 2018 Loose Leaf song book (1 copy only is needed) for consideration on this 2nd Monday night.

A reminder that our Membership Insurance fees are due ($10.00) and as required by the insurer; D.O.B. and full name is also required. These particulars are to be treated as TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL and please hand fee and particulars to Julie A.S.A.P.

Happy Ukuleleing
Graeme for ADMIN.

Updating of latest song added to our list

Hi all Wuggers
I apologize for any inconvenience, but an update to Dig a Little Deeper in The Well has been added to the blog. The typist, song editor and myself had a disagreement about the first edition and the way it was entered onto the blog. The outcome was me 1, the other two nil, nought & none.

P.S. Please don’t forget that WUG Insurance member’s payments are now due and payable to Julie. As mentioned in previous posts; You are REQUIRED by the INSURERS to supply your full name & d.o.b. + the $10.00 at time of payment. These particulars will be held as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL by the Admin. Any member not supplying these particulars WILL NOT BE INSURED; and as such, cannot be deemed a FINANCIAL MEMBER of Warrnambool Ukulele Group.

Happy Ukuleleing.
Graeme for Admin.

New Song added to List…

Hi all Wuggers I have added a new song to the 2018 Song List. Thanks to Kelly for same, and apologies to her for the late addition to the list.
A reminder that the Annual Members Insurance of $10.00 is due, along with your Full Name & D.O.B. as required by the Insurer at the time of paying same to Julie.
That information will be STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL but must be, I repeat; must be included at the time of payment for you to be individually registered with the Insurer. Without the Full Name and D.O.B. (and $10.00 payment) you will not be a registered member of the Warrnambool Ukulele Group. Sorry for this stipulation but Insurance; unfortunately in this day and age, is necessary.
Until next we meet as a Group, Happy Ukuleleing.

Cheers Graeme, for Admin.

Updated Song in latest list.

Hi all Wuggers, sorry about this but I inadvertently put “Running Bear” on the blog with a second page. This has now been corrected on the blog to only show 1 (one) page for that song “Running Bear”. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Regards Admin.