Koroit Irish Festival 2019 – Song List (suggested) – Song to be added ?

Hi all Wuggers, Carol has kindly compiled a song list for the 2019 Koroit Irish Festival for us to consider next Group meeting. An additional song “When I’m 64” will be looked at then to determine whether it will be included in that song list. It is available for download from the blog. Spare copies will be available next Group meeting.

That is all for now, Cheers and Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.


Song update to 2018 LL Song Book- Playout Song List for Gillin Park

Hi all Wuggers, I have added new song “When I’m 64” to the 2018 Loose Leaf Song Book list.  It is now available for download.  The song list for Gillin Park Playout; (included is the aforementioned song), on the 26th of March’19 is also on site fordownloading.  It would be graet to have a good rollup of members for this event.

Cheers for now. Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.

Error in Song posted on blog

Hi all Wuggers my apologies for the error and I am sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused, but Oh I Do Like To be Beside The Seaside as originally posted was the wrong copy. The correct copy is now abailable for download on the blog song list.

Cheers for now, Happy Ukuleleing Graeme.

Song List Update – Gillian Park Playout- Koroit Irish Festival.

Hi all Wuggers, great to be back last Monday night and a good turnout of members including two new members; Kathleen and Jo- welcome and thank you all.

I have added three new songs to our 2019 Loose Leaf Song Book List and are available for download. They are as follows: “Oh I Do like To Be Beside the Seaside”,”Goodnight Sweetheart” and Andy Piper’s version of “My Southern Town”.

A date has been selected for our Gillian Park playout as mentioned last Monday night it is: Tuesday the 26th of March 1-40pm for 2.00pm to 3.00pm. Numbers will be canvassed next Group meeting. Song list for playout to be compiled.

After negotiation with the Koroit Irish Festival Committee, we have expressed the Groups concerns from last year re. Tent & possible use of amplification for group due to competition with other nearby KIF performers.
Some assurance from KIF Committe re tent has been given, but amplification and power for same are still being investigated . Report re progress in these matters will be updated next meeting. Participants for this playout to be canvassed from group.

Cheers for now, Happy Ukuleleing, Graeme.

Return of Monday Group Nights

Hi all Wuggers, hope you are all well and rested after a short break.  Just a reminder that next Monday night is open mic night; same time & place.  No theme has been selected but any member wishing to entertain us with a rendition will be warmly welcomed.

Hope to see a good turn up then and I am looking forward to another enjoyable year.

Cheers for now, Happy Ukuleleing Graeme.

Minor Updates to Blog – New Playout Pics

Hi all Wuggers, hope you are all surviving the sweltering weather. I have made a couple of updates to the blog in the pictures/videos menus. When selecting pictures you can scroll down to the picture/pictures you require and double click on that pic to open up a slide show of any/or all the pictures in that playout . Hope this makes it easier to access these sections. If yuo have any problems please email me on the “contact us” section of the blog.

Cheers for now. Happy ukulele seeGraeme.

Moyneyana Festival – 2019 – Review.

Hi all Wuggers. Well yesterday the weather, location and audience were great. We had about 16 wuggers in all attend and perform. From feedback; and the participation of the audience, I can say that our playout was a success. You will notice in one pic that we had a child from the audience enjoying our renditions. Congratulations to the participants; well done.

Val and Rob Mc very kindly took photos of us yesterday and they are now available for viewing on the blog. Thank you so much Val & Rob, very much appreciated. Also thank go to Ray for assisting us commencing our songs.

Don’t forget we resume on the 4th Feb.’19 at our usual time and venue.

Cheers for now, Happy Ukuleleing Graeme.