More Songs on Additonal List

Hi All

Please find five new songs in the additonal list:

California Dreamin

Cat’s in the Cradle

I’M gonna sit right down

In the Summertime

Sixteen Tons

I’ve attached a PDF of Tabs for California Dreamin and O Mary don’t you weep. We will run through these on Monday night.

Good Practicing

California Dreaming, Mary don’t you weep Tabs.pdf


New songs

Hi All

Please find five new songs on “Additional List” under SONG LIST on Members page on Website. Run them off for next Monday night.

Aint She Sweet Coconut
Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Hit the Road Jack
O Mary Don’t You Weep


A Town Like Warrnambool

A town Like Warrnambool Video

From the ABC South West Vic facebook page:
If you’ve ever lived in or visited Warrnambool, this will make you smile.

Presenting… ‘A Town Like Warrnambool’.

“This is a crowd-sourced film videoed by twelve locals. Even the soundtrack was made by a local musician: Don Stewart, complete with live recordings of the local pipe band and ukulele group!
We hope you enjoy it!”

A Town Like Warrnambool Video

Sure gets interesting around the 3 min 40 sec mark.

Photo Galleries Temporarily Closed

Hello all,
I have had to take the Photo galleries offline for a bit. There is an issue with the photo hosting site we were using that no longer allows posting to third party sites or some such. I will try to sort it all out over the weekend, none of the photos are lost I think just annoyingly needing to be uploaded again. Stupid computers.

In the mean time here is a picture of a pug.


PDF versions

If you can’t open the word versions of the three songs that were sent five minutes ago the PDFs are now on the blog under Members Page – ALL HANDOUTS